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Angel Garza Sparks Debate with Tiger Driver ’98 Use in WWE NXT Match

As the world of professional wrestling continually evolves, so too do the in-ring actions of its stars, leading to moments that both excite and raise questions among the wrestling community. On a recent NXT broadcast, a maneuver typically restricted within WWE circles made a surprising return, prompting reactions across the board.

During a high-octane NXT Tag Team Championship match, competitors Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo took on the reigning champions, Tony D’Angelo and Channing ‘Stacks’ Lorenzo. What unfolded during this intense competition was an event that caught the eyes of fans and performers alike.

The move in question? The Tiger Driver ’98, executed by Angel Garza. This move is particularly controversial as it closely resembles the piledriver, a move long considered taboo in WWE due to its associated risks and a history of causing serious injuries. The move resurfaced in the collective wrestling conscience when Will Ospreay and Kenny Omega brought it to the fore at the inter-promotional event, Forbidden Door.

The wrestling world took notice, and Raw’s Cedric Alexander was quick to react on social media, expressing his excitement on Twitter, “We can do The Money Maker now?” The tweet echoed the sentiments of many, suggesting a possible relaxation of the once-strict rules regarding certain in-ring moves within WWE. This sudden use of the Tiger Driver ’98 by Garza could mean various things: either the move is no longer banned, Garza might have unintentionally slipped past the restriction, or he decided to take a calculated risk.

The match itself was nothing short of an adrenaline rush, despite the debate it has spurred. Stacks and D’Angelo showcased their resilience and skill by retaining their NXT Tag Team Championship. Yet, it was the audacious execution of the Tiger Driver ’98 that has ignited discussions on wrestling forums and social media platforms across the web.

As pro wrestling aficionados, we must ponder the implications of such a move being reintroduced to WWE programming. Is this a sign of WWE’s changing approach to their in-ring product? Could we see a broader range of moves historically considered too dangerous for WWE’s ring?

Your thoughts matter to us. As fans, do you believe this incident marks a shift in WWE’s philosophy regarding in-ring maneuvers? Are you for or against the inclusion of such high-risk moves in the modern era of WWE?

Whether this event signals a permanent policy change or a one-off occurrence, it’s evident that the landscape of professional wrestling is shifting in thrilling and unpredictable ways. We invite you to join the conversation. Drop a comment with your take on WWE’s handling of moves akin to the piledriver, and stay tuned for further developments as they unfold in the ever-dynamic ring of WWE NXT.

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