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Asuka’s Facebook feud continues: WWE Superstar’s account suspended again

If WWE was a social media battleground, then Asuka, one of the prominent figures in the women’s division on Friday Night Smackdown, finds herself wrestling with an unseen opponent – Facebook. It seems The Empress of Tomorrow’s feud with this social media behemoth is far from over.

In a surprising turn of events, Asuka’s Facebook account has been suspended for a second time, with the WWE superstar expressing her disdain towards Meta. This isn’t the first blow Asuka has received from her Facebook opponent; a similar scenario played out back in 2020, setting the stage for an unexpected rivalry.

Known for her vivacious online presence, Asuka often takes to social media platforms to entertain her fans with various photoshopped images and quirky posts. However, her recent social battles have left her, and her fandom, in a state of annoyance and confusion.

The conflict took another unexpected twist when Asuka announced the suspension news via her Twitter handle. There, she expressed her contempt for Meta and disclosed that, despite her appeal, Facebook has maintained that her account still doesn’t follow their Community Standards on account integrity and authentic identity.

Asuka’s dismay is further magnified because she uses Instagram daily, a platform that is linked with her now-suspended Facebook account. In the wake of these events, she took time to vent, stating emphatically, “I really hate Meta.”

But her disappointment with Meta wasn’t the only thing Asuka shared. She called out Facebook for giving a verified badge to a fake account and couldn’t hold back from addressing a fan who made an insensitive joke about Iyo Sky’s coffee.

As the world of WWE action continues, fans are hoping that Asuka’s Facebook account is reinstated soon. Meanwhile, the debate continues on the legitimacy of Facebook’s actions, and fans of The Empress of Tomorrow eagerly await her next move. Whether you side with Asuka or Facebook, one fact is clear – this is one clash that won’t be settled in the ring.

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