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Becky Lynch Critiques Women’s Division Booking & Makes An Impact In The NXT Championship Scene

In the world of professional wrestling, Becky Lynch, the reigning NXT Women’s Champion, never shies away from sharing her insight and perspective. Recently, Lynch launched a brutally honest critique of WWE’s booking strategy for the women’s division, making headlines in an industry always hungry for off-the-ring insights.

This candid conversation follows the news of a controversial decision by WWE to rearrange a match planned between Lynch and upcoming star Tegan Nox. Originally slated to challenge Lynch for the NXT Women’s Title on the September 18 episode of Raw, the eleventh-hour decision saw Nox replaced by veteran Natalya, who has almost 17 years of wrestling experience under her belt.

The in-scene debate that ensued centred on the chances WWE is able (or not) to offer to newer talents like Nox. Echoing some of the sentiments aired, Lynch agreed wholeheartedly with the view that up-and-coming talents need visibility and opportunities to establish themselves. Sharing her thoughts with the New York Post, she commented, “Currently we are a little light on women with credibility on Raw.”

Lynch also took the chance to voice her support for her peers in the locker room. She suggested that bringing capable, albeit underexposed, female wrestlers into the limelight would not only benefit them and give them credibility in the ring but would be a bonus for the audience too. It’s no secret that Becky enjoys competition and she’s not threatened by the rise of other talents – in fact, she encourages it.

“But if nobody’s getting any TV time… if nobody’s getting any story time, then they can’t rise up because nobody knows who the hell they are,” she warned, adding that she had, indeed, requested the match with Nox that was eventually altered. Among the talents she believes should be given more exposure were Xia Li, Indi Hartwell, Candice LeRae, and Zoey Stark.

Returning to the unfolding drama in the ring, the title exchange ended with Lynch retaining against Natalya, while a week later Nox claimed victory over Natalya. This win earned Nox a bid at the NXT Women’s Title, challenging whoever takes the crown after Becky Lynch’s upcoming No Mercy’s title defense against Tiffany Stratton on September 30.

Never one to leave an interview without a little spice, Lynch jabbed at WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley, whom she suggested, “only likes hanging out with the lads in Judgment Day and doesn’t like getting hit… So that’s why I came along with my championship, trying to give people some opportunities.”

For now, the wrestling community watches and waits in anticipation as the drama unfolds, while Becky Lynch continues to change the game in ways that go beyond her prowess in the ring.

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