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Bill Goldberg Is Done Apologizing To Bret Hart

Goldberg will forever have his place in wrestling history but his errant kick to Bret Hart has haunted him for years.

At WCW Starrcade on December 19, 1999, Goldberg went one-on-one with Bret. “The Hitman” claimed he asked Goldberg not to hurt him inside the ring but his efforts didn’t work.

Goldberg sent Hart into the ropes and he connected with a high kick flush on the side of Bret’s head. This left Bret concussed but it wasn’t the last real match of his career.

Bret went on to wrestle several more times for WCW, including a hardcore match against Terry Funk. He ended up announcing his retirement on October 26, 2000.

Over the years, Bret has been hot and cold on making amends with Goldberg over the kick. It even once got to the point where Goldberg referred to Bret as a friend.

Lately, however, Bret Hart has once again soured on Goldberg and has criticized his in-ring skills.

During an appearance on “Talk is Jericho,” Goldberg said that Bret Hart’s legacy can’t be denied (via Wrestling Inc).

“Bret Hart is still up here. He’s an idol to anybody and everybody who has ever been in this business.”

With that said, the former two-time WWE Universal Champion insists he is done apologizing to “The Hitman.

“There was absolutely no malicious intent whatsoever. None. Zero,” he said. “Does it bother me? Yeah. I’ll take it to my grave … I’m at a turning point, I’m done saying I’m sorry. I’ve said it a million times and I’m not going to continue to tear myself down. I’m done. I said I’m sorry, if you can’t accept my apology, it is what it is.”

Time will tell if these two can someday bury the hatchet for good without yet another change of heart down the road. For now, Bret remains critical of Goldberg.

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