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Bobby Lashley, Street Profits, and their Intriguing WWE Character Dynamics: Good or Bad?

In the WWE universe, alignment definitions have always been a subject of debate, but things just got a tad bit interesting with Bobby Lashley’s new faction involving SmackDown stars Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins, who collectively known as the Street Profits. This group has been causing quite a stir recently, with fans wrestling (pardon the pun) about whether these popular stars should be classified as heels or babyfaces.

Since their alignment with Lashley, the Street Profits have given their characters a fresh spin. Not only have they started dressing more like Lashley by wearing suits, but they’ve also added a certain edge to their personas, making the spectators more intrigued by their actions. This well-received character transformation has, however, left many fans in a cloud of mystery about whether to consider them as faces or heels – the lines, as it seems, have blurred.

Montez Ford attempted to clarify this ambiguity during a recent interview with the New York Post. He presented an interesting perspective, stating, “I feel like it’s gonna be whatever the viewer decides it to be.” He further added that the decisions the faction would make would mirror real-life scenarios, and that the viewers’ judgment would largely be influenced by these decisions.

In an intriguing twist, he revealed that they aren’t looking for approval from the WWE universe, but are more focused on achieving success. He believes that a reassertion of themselves, along with making their motives clear, will help them break away from the stagnancy that has marred their careers.

Though Ford’s words may not provide a black-and-white answer, it’s reportedly been suggested within WWE that the group is considered heels internally. Several recent indicators strengthen this theory. Case in point: their ongoing feud with the Latino World Order, a group that is staunchly established as babyfaces.

The stage is all set for Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits to duke it out against the LWO in a six-man tag at Fastlane 2023 on Saturday, October 7. So, whether you perceive them as heroes or villains, one thing is undeniable – the trio is bringing a captivating dynamic to the wrestling world.

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