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Brock Lesnar, Icon of WWE: John Cena Speaks on Mutual Respect and Legitimacy in Wrestling

Brock Lesnar, a dominant force within the wrestling world, made a dramatic return to WWE in 2012. His comeback sparked a high-octane rivalry between himself and fellow wrestling superstar, John Cena. The two wrestling heavyweights locked horns repeatedly, generating a compelling story-line that left fans hooked. The rivalry climaxed with their unforgettable face-off for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the iconic SummerSlam 2014. This main event witnessed Lesnar’s utter dominance over Cena – a performance that lands him in conversations as one of the greatest wrestlers to ever enter the ring.

Recently, in a candid conversation on WWE’s YouTube Channel, John Cena had some high praises for his erstwhile adversary – Brock Lesnar. Cena proclaimed, “Brock is one of a kind, he truly is. It’s really difficult to ignore Brock. You’re in a fight for your life, but he’s also the most giving, gracious performer.”

Adding more to his praises, Cena emphasized Lesnar’s authenticity as a performer and his ability to make every fight seem real. A ringside sign reading ‘Legitimacy has returned’ holds the weight of Cena’s words. Cena also remarked, “There’s no way for you to question his legitimacy.”

Despite being frequently mentioned alongside the greatest wrestlers of all time, Cena believes Lesnar to be underrated, citing his technical ability and charisma to be unparalleled. “He’s extremely underrated, even though he’s in that conversation of the greatest of all time,” Cena admitted.

Not only did Cena acknowledge Lesnar as a remarkable performer, but he further praised him as a straight-forward, stand-up individual. “He is wholeheartedly himself and he shoots you straight – at least you know where you stand with him at all times. He’s been wonderful to me over the years,” Cena added.

Lesnar’s return to the WWE truly solidifies him as an icon of the wrestling world. These candid reflections from Cena underline the mutual respect between the two top-tier WWE athletes, two different paths to success with both rooting for each other in this nail-biting pro wrestling arena.

Among other topics, Cena also spoke about the late Bray Wyatt, contributing his thoughts on the legacy left behind by the beloved wrestler.

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