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Charles Barkley’s Reaction to Chad Gable’s Actions Against Sami Zayn: A Wrestle Drama Unfolds

One Big Thing

Charles Barkley, the basketball legend, has publicly expressed his outrage and willingness to confront Chad Gable following Gable’s surprise attack on Sami Zayn during Monday Night RAW.

Quick Take

  • Chad Gable turned on Sami Zayn after a match on RAW, despite losing his chance at the title against GUNTHER previously.
  • Gable’s sudden heel turn shocked fans, attacking Zayn in front of his family.
  • Charles Barkley, speaking on the Pat McAfee show, voiced his displeasure and protective stance over Zayn’s public humiliation.
  • Zayn has vowed revenge, heightening the tension and anticipation for future RAW episodes.

Why It Matters

This event has significant implications, not just for the storyline between Chad Gable and Sami Zayn, but for the broader WWE narrative. Barkley’s involvement brings a unique crossover appeal, blending the worlds of professional sports and wrestling entertainment. It raises questions about celebrity involvement in wrestling storylines and their impact on viewer engagement.


After a competitive match on Monday Night RAW, where Sami Zayn retained his Intercontinental Championship against Chad Gable, the evening took a dramatic turn. Gable’s attack and subsequent heel turn took everyone by surprise, including Charles Barkley, who was ready to “fly up there and whoop Gable’s ass” for the disrespect shown to Zayn in front of his loved ones. This incident has sparked widespread discussion among wrestling fans and observers alike.

Looking Ahead

The fallout from this altercation promises to bring heightened drama to WWE programming. Sami Zayn’s quest for retribution against Chad Gable could see further developments, possibly even involving Charles Barkley more directly in the storyline. The incident underscores the unpredictable nature of professional wrestling, where stories can take dramatic turns, often blurring the lines between the sport and entertainment.

Did Charles Barkley’s reaction to Chad Gable’s actions surprise you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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