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CM Punk Teams Up with Zombie Sailor’s Toys: Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Look

3 Key Points

  • CM Punk explores new projects, including a collaboration with Zombie Sailor’s Toys, amid recovery from a triceps injury.
  • A special CM Punk action figure, featuring Larry, is announced, with a short availability on Zombie Sailor’s Toys’ website.
  • Despite missing WrestleMania 40, Punk remains connected to WWE fans, hinting at non-wrestling roles during the event.

CM Punk’s New Venture

Following a triceps injury at the 2024 Royal Rumble, sidelining him from WrestleMania 40, CM Punk has shifted his focus to partnering with Zombie Sailor’s Toys. This collaboration highlights the introduction of a unique action figure collection, including a model of Punk and his celebrated dog, Larry.

Inside the Collaboration

Zombie Sailor’s Toys excitedly shared behind-the-scenes glimpses on Instagram from their latest project with Punk and Larry. This campaign showcases the creation of an exclusive CM Punk action figure, available for pre-sale for a limited two-week period. The collaboration, which cleverly merges the worlds of pro wrestling and collectible merchandise, also features Larry in figure form, adding a personal touch for fans.

A Glimpse Behind the Curtain

The promotional shoot for these collectibles was led by Nick Mondo, a respected figure in independent wrestling and the film industry. Known for his creative direction, including a viral video featuring Jon Moxley, Mondo spearheaded this project to much acclaim. His involvement promises a blend of professional quality and fan-centric appeal, highlighting the dedication and talent behind the scenes.

CM Punk’s Ongoing Connection to WrestleMania

Despite his in-ring absence, CM Punk is finding ways to engage with the wrestling community. As recently as a press event in Las Vegas, Nevada, he participated as a panelist, keeping the speculation alive about his potential involvement in WrestleMania 40 in some capacity. Will CM Punk surprise his fans with an appearance or role during the industry’s biggest event? Only time will tell.

CM Punk’s journey from the squared circle to entrepreneurial efforts exemplifies the resilience and versatility that professional wrestlers often display beyond their in-ring careers. Whether engaging in promotional activities or bringing joy to fans through collectible merchandise, Punk continues to leave his mark on the wrestling world, demonstrating that even injury cannot slow down ‘The Best in the World’.

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