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CM Punk’s WWE Return Sets Stage for Upcoming Feuds and Backstage Dynamics

The atmosphere in the professional wrestling community has been electrified with the official return of CM Punk at the recent WWE Survivor Series 2023 in Rosemont, Illinois. The industry is buzzing with speculation and insider reports on what’s next for the former AEW star, particularly regarding potential high-profile feuds on the WWE horizon.

According to Justin Barrasso from Sports Illustrated, sources from within the WWE have indicated that the company has a significant storyline in the works for Punk—a feud with none other than Roman Reigns, the reigning headline performer in WWE. This matchup is a titanic prospect in terms of star power and storytelling potential, tantalizing fans with a collision between two of the industry’s most compelling characters.

However, this clash of the titans may not be CM Punk’s first major storyline since his return. Sources reveal he’s initially set to lock horns with Seth Rollins in a feud that promises to deliver show-stopping performances. It raises questions around when the showdown with Reigns might happen, with WrestleMania 40 not necessarily being the slated venue. As for the upcoming WrestleMania, the notion of Punk vs. Rollins headlining Night 1 has been floated as a tantalizing option.

The seeds of the anticipated Punk vs. Reigns storyline were subtly planted during Punk’s in-ring promo on WWE RAW in Nashville, Tennessee. Metaphorically name-dropping a ‘wise man’—a reference undoubtedly pointing to Paul Heyman’s nickname and role within The Bloodline—Punk touched upon an essential truth of his career: sometimes, to get the most out of the industry, you have to walk away and come back.

Yet, with CM Punk’s history in the wrestling world, his reintegration into the WWE locker room holds significant interest, and not all of it warmly expectant. Drawing parallels to the controversial returns of wrestling icons like Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall in 2002, there are heightened anxieties about Punk’s influence and behavior in light of his tenure in AEW.

Sources indicate that WWE talents have contrasting opinions. Some express concerns, citing Punk’s historically tumultuous departures as a pattern that may repeat. Others maintain a more optimistic view, suggesting that the WWE locker room, united and cohesive, will be a conducive environment for Punk to exhibit his “best behavior” in this new chapter of his career.

The driving forces behind Punk’s WWE comeback are WWE’s CCO, Paul “Triple H” Levesque, and CEO, Nick Khan. Their roles in orchestrating this return highlight a strategic move for the company, potentially setting the stage for captivating storylines and ensuring WWE remains at the forefront of professional wrestling entertainment.

As we all anticipate the unfolding chapters in this narrative, stay tuned for more updates and analysis, as CM Punk’s return to WWE is more than a comeback—it’s a launching point for new rivalries, matches that have fans dreaming, and perhaps, a new era in the ever-evolving saga of professional wrestling.

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