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Cody Rhodes Exception to WWE’s No-Swearing Policy: Inside Story

3 Key Points
– Cody Rhodes was permitted to deviate from WWE’s no-swearing policy during a confrontation with The Rock.
– WWE’s decision aimed to maintain Rhodes’ favorable image amidst The Rock’s influential presence.
– The exception has sparked discussions, with WWE Creative’s Brian Gewirtz publicly criticizing Rhodes’ remarks.

In a recent turn of events that caught fans and insiders by surprise, Cody Rhodes was granted a one-off exemption from a long-standing WWE policy against swearing. This deviation came during a heated promo aimed at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on the March 18 episode of Monday Night Raw. Rhoades uncharacteristically laced his monologue with sharp language, calling The Rock “an asshole” and “a whiny bitch”, raising eyebrows over WWE’s usual content guidelines.

Per inside sources at Wrestling Observer Radio, Rhodes’ fiery return shot was crafted under WWE’s approval. The company normally mandates a strict adherence to PG-rated content, forbidding explicit language. However, the pivotal nature of the promo and the need for a strong response to The Rock—a superstar with his unique leeway within the company’s standards—led to Rhodes receiving a special dispensation.

Dave Meltzer summarized the unique situation, highlighting an internal memo that underscored the prohibition against profanity but confirmed the strategic decision to allow Rhodes to counterattack with uncharacteristic verbiage. “They knew that he had to come back (against The Rock)… And if he came off badly on this promo and Rock came off so great in Memphis, it’s like, that’s not what they want,” Meltzer explained.

Yet, this exception has not gone without its detractors. Brian Gewirtz, a representative for The Rock within WWE Creative, voiced his opposition, injecting a note of backstage conflict into the storyline.

As this incident unfolds, it underlines WWE’s intricate balancing act between maintaining its broadcast standards and facilitating compelling storytelling. Rhodes’ verbal joust with The Rock has ignited conversations about the lengths to which WWE is willing to bend its own rules to preserve the narrative impact, setting an intriguing precedent for future storylines.

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