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Cody Rhodes Reflects on What Could Have Been with Paul Heyman

One Big Thing

Cody Rhodes openly discusses the potential and intrigue of having been managed by WWE Hall of Famer Paul Heyman, a dynamic that never materialized.

Key Moments and Quotes

  • Rhodes expresses high regard for Heyman, hinting at a missed opportunity to be “his absolute Ace.”
  • Despite being adversaries in the storyline involving Roman Reigns, Rhodes sees value in what could have been a beneficial partnership with Heyman.
  • The bond over Dusty Rhodes, Cody’s father, stands out as a significant connection between Cody and Heyman.
  • Heyman’s WWE Hall of Fame speech included mentions of Dusty, adding to the depth of this connection.

Why It Matters

The reflection on what could have been between Cody Rhodes and Paul Heyman highlights the complex relationships and missed opportunities in professional wrestling. It underscores the importance of mentorship, legacy, and the paths not taken that resonate with both performers and fans alike.

Additional Context

Following WrestleMania 40, the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship underwent a name change, dropping the “Universal” part. This detail, along with Rhodes receiving a sentimental gift from Triple H, marks significant milestones in his ongoing wrestling journey.

What are your thoughts on the potential Cody Rhodes and Paul Heyman partnership that never came to be? Do you think it would have significantly impacted Rhodes’s career trajectory? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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