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Could This Be The Curtain Call? Kevin Nash’s Intriguing Take on Trish Stratus’ Career After Payback Showdown

Pro wrestling icon, Kevin Nash, recently had kudos to extend in the wake of the sensational Payback match between female titans, Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch. Speaking in the latest episode of his podcast, Kliq THIS, the former superstar couldn’t help but hold the steel cage clash in high esteem. In his eyes, this Payback brawl held the honor of ‘match of the night’, an assertion that carries considerable weight coming from a seasoned veteran like Nash.

Invoking nostalgia and appreciation, Nash hailed this clash as potentially the ultimate curtain close for Stratus’ illustrious career. “Witnessing Trish and Becky’s brilliant cage contest during the pay-per-view was surreal; I mean, Trish, at 46, was nothing short of exceptional… In a way that may seem selfish, I hope this wasn’t her swan song. But really, could there have been a more fitting grand finale than such a masterclass?” said Nash.

While examining Stratus’ display, one cannot overlook the commendable work put in by ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch. Nash made it a point to acknowledge Lynch’s contribution to the spectacular contest. “A deserved shout-out to Becky, though. I genuinely believe her tactical prowess, fearless demeanor, and skill played a massive part in how the match turned to be,” he added.

The much-anticipated Payback encounter marked the climax of a heated five-month long program between Stratus and Lynch on WWE television. The exhilarating match, characterized by its relentless and fierce action, saw Lynch’s signature Manhandle Slams finally overcome the Hall of Famer.

In a climactic aftermath, Stratus and her protege-turned-adversary Zoey Stark squared off, bringing their alliance to a bitter end. This unexpected twist fuels speculation about a potential face-off between Stark and her former mentor, leaving fans on edge about the likelihood of one more Stratus classic. Could this feud be the encore to a legendary career that many fans dearly hope for?

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