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Dolph Ziggler Opens Up About WWE Release and Future Plans in Wrestling

3 Key Points

  • Dolph Ziggler reflects on his WWE release and how he anticipated his departure.
  • Despite his long tenure and title wins, Ziggler felt underused in WWE leading to his release.
  • Ziggler maintains readiness for new wrestling ventures and teases future projects post-WWE.

Dolph Ziggler Discusses Preparing for WWE Exit

In an industry where uncertainties loom, Dolph Ziggler exhibited foresight regarding his WWE career’s end. The former World Heavyweight Champion, while conversing on Busted Open Radio, shed light on his termination, disclosing a long-held readiness for change. Ziggler’s storied tenure with the sports entertainment giant included multiple championship reigns yet culminated in sporadic TV appearances and in-ring action.

Ziggler’s Intuition and Endeavors Beyond WWE

Ziggler spoke candidly about his intuition over the past year, foreseeing a necessary shift. He expressed an athlete’s concern of being sidelined or restrained from showcasing their full potential. “Once that started happening…I was thinking, ‘At some point, I have to be ready to go,'” Ziggler remarked, emphasizing his desire to perform at an elite level regardless of the allocated screen time or narrative direction by WWE.

From Tenure to Free Agency: A Wrestler’s Journey

During his interview, Ziggler revealed having ongoing conversations with WWE executives about his future. He had been exploring the possibility of branching out to different wrestling promotions, reflecting his strategic mindset toward career longevity. Even though his release was not a shock, its reality posed both a challenge and an opening for new opportunities.

The Road Ahead for The Showoff

Post-release, Ziggler made a notable appearance at Wrestle Kingdom 18, sending ripples through the wrestling community. With rumors of a new entrance theme and gimmick, Ziggler keeps fans guessing and anticipates a future filled with excitement and wrestling triumphs. His openness to change signals a new chapter for the wrestler, where he could quite possibly redefine his contributions to the wrestling world.

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