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Exploring Eddie Kingston’s WWE Audition: Insights and Reflections from the AEW Star—

3 Key Points

  • Eddie Kingston opens up about his less-than-stellar WWE tryout experience.
  • The AEW standout describes feeling overlooked during the audition process.
  • Kingston declined a WWE coaching offer, emphasizing his dedication to wrestling.

Eddie Kingston’s Journey: A Candid Look Back

Currently a celebrated figure in AEW, Eddie Kingston’s path could have diverged significantly had his WWE tryout gone differently. In a revealing conversation with Kenny McIntosh of “Inside The Ropes”, Kingston shares that his audition for WWE fell short of expectations. Citing a blend of disinterest and a notion of being undervalued, Kingston admits to sabotaging his own chances from the onset.

The Tryout Experience

Kingston recalls the tryout coinciding with preparations for the WWE’s Mae Young Classic, an event primarily focusing on female talent. This timing led him to believe his chances were slim, contributing to his indifferent attitude. Despite this, Kingston wasn’t entirely discouraged, as his independent wrestling bookings promised substantial earnings, softening the blow of the rejection.

Turning Down WWE’s Offer

The narrative took an interesting turn when WWE proposed a coaching role to Kingston at their Performance Center. Kingston, valuing authenticity and connection, felt he wouldn’t fit the “gatekeeper” role for aspirants he didn’t know personally. A notable incident during his tryout, where recognized stars greeted him warmly, suddenly shifted how others viewed him, highlighting the fickle nature of industry relationships.

In retrospect, Kingston’s WWE tryout saga underscores a journey of self-awareness and integrity in the wrestling world. His decision to stick to his roots and values eventually led him to a thriving career in AEW, where he is more appreciated not just as a wrestler, but as a person.

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