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Exploring Matt Riddle’s Journey Post-WWE: Insights and Revelations—

3 Key Points

  • Matt Riddle shares his perspective on his WWE departure and subsequent chapter in MLW and NJPW.
  • Addresses the airport incident that contributed to his release, taking responsibility for his actions.
  • Denies WWE/UFC merger speculation as a reason for his release, citing a business decision based on his perceived value.

Matt Riddle Reflects on WWE Release and What Lies Ahead

Former WWE star Matt Riddle, now holding the NJPW World Television Champion title, opens up about his departure from WWE in 2023 and how it has shaped his current stint in Major League Wrestling (MLW) and New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW). Riddle, in a candid discussion with Ariel Helwani on the “MMA Hour,” highlighted the timely nature of his release amidst personal milestones and the relentless WWE travel schedule that he found challenging to maintain.

Tackling the Controversy Head-On

In addressing the incident with a police officer at JFK Airport, which became a pivotal point for his release, Riddle acknowledged his part in the controversy. Despite not divulging all details due to advice from authorities and a decision against pressing charges, he admitted the impact of his choices that day, emphasizing his accountability and the personal toll of overextending himself professionally.

Clarifying Rumors Around WWE Release

Dispelling rumors of the WWE/UFC merger affecting his career trajectory within WWE, Riddle pointed to a broader business strategy at play, suggesting his perceived decrease in value as a more significant factor. His pragmatic take on the situation reveals a reflective and forward-looking attitude, acknowledging the business realities of professional wrestling.

As Riddle continues to make his mark in MLW and NJPW, his journey is a testament to the complex interplay between personal decisions, professional challenges, and the ever-changing dynamics of the wrestling industry.

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