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Former AEW Star Fuego Del Sol Weighs In On Tony Khan And The Impact Of AEW On Pro Wrestling

In an intriguing revelation, former All Elite Wrestling (AEW) superstar, Fuego Del Sol shared his perspectives on Tony Khan, the company owner and his overall experience with AEW, in a recent YouTube video.

Del Sol, whose tenure with AEW officially came to a halt in July 2023 after announcing his departure the previous month, shed some light on Tony Khan’s remarkable work ethic. In his YouTube session, where he critically appraises various AEW wrestlers, Fuego Del Sol remarked, “Very kind man. Always very kind to me. Incredibly busy, I don’t know how he works this hard.”

Khan’s hands bear the multiple responsibilities of overseeing Fulham Football Club in the UK, Jacksonville Jaguars, and AEW. Despite his chockablock schedule, Fuego commended Khan’s ability to manage major names, egos, and ideas in the industry with finesse, emphasizing the tough decisions Khan makes regarding what gets airtime and what doesn’t.

In an insightful look at his own relationship with Khan and his experience in AEW, Fuego admitted, “I don’t think I ever fully won this guy over which is probably why I’m not in AEW right now.” It’s worth noting, that despite his exit, Fuego expressed positivity towards Khan and credited him for significantly improving the professional wrestling space by initiating AEW.

He asserted the importance of having multiple major companies in the wrestling business, claiming that, “Wrestling is better when we have multiple big companies, multiple places paying the big bucks for professional wrestling.” Fuego refrained from casting aspersions on Tony Khan despite his departure, highlighting the power dynamics within the wrestling world, and supporting competition in the industry.

Interestingly, Fuego also recalled his ties with wrestling superstar CM Punk. Revealing that Punk was among the first to extend support post his release, Fuego indicated a level of backstage camaraderie that often goes unnoticed.

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As the curtain falls, it’s apparent that performers like Fuego Del Sol’s experiences and perspectives offer a unique glance into this fascinating industry and the people who shape it.

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