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Former WWE Star Al Snow Shares His Critique of Modern Pro Wrestling

One Big Thing: Al Snow, a seasoned WWE veteran and current figure in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), breaks down his primary concern with today’s pro wrestling landscape: the lost art of selling.

– Snow, active in the industry since leaving WWE in 2007, aired his views on “Busted Open Radio.”
– He emphasizes that selling in wrestling has evolved beyond merely portraying injury.
– Snow suggests selling should focus on conveying a wrestler’s character and the stakes of the match to engage the audience.

Why It Matters:
Al Snow sheds light on an industry-wide shift that affects how wrestlers connect with their audience and build anticipation for matches. His insights come from years of experience as both a competitor and mentor, making his critique particularly valuable for current performers and trainers.

– The selling technique is crucial for wrestlers to tell a story in the ring and make each match memorable.
– Snow’s perspective urges a refocus on the fundamental aspects of wrestling that make it a compelling sport and entertainment form.

Key Takeaways:
– Al Snow critiques the current state of wrestling, focusing on the diminished emphasis on the art of selling.
– Selling, according to Snow, is not just about feigning injury but selling one’s character and the urgency of winning.
– This approach, Snow argues, is universal across sports and crucial for engaging audiences.
– His recent match in October 2023 and leadership role at OVW underline his ongoing commitment to the sport.

Al Snow’s commentary offers a thoughtful critique of the evolving practices in pro wrestling, encouraging a shift back to basics. As someone still active in the sphere, his observations provide a roadmap for enhancing the audience’s connection to the drama of wrestling.

What are your thoughts on Al Snow’s views on the importance of selling in wrestling? Do you think the industry needs to recalibrate its focus? Leave your comments below.

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