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Former WWE Star Mideon Explains Why He Still Loves Vince McMahon Despite Accusations

One Big Thing

Former WWE star Mideon, aka Dennis Knight, expressed his admiration for Vince McMahon, stating that the former WWE CEO was one of his favorite people despite the numerous accusations against him.

Key Points

  • Knight spoke glowingly about his friendship with McMahon during a recent edition of “The False Finish” podcast on AdFreeShows.
  • He mentioned that McMahon was always available to talk to him, even on his days off.
  • Knight appreciated how McMahon would socialize with the wrestlers, describing him as “the boss but he would like, you know, bring himself down to, you know, hang with the common people.”

Knight’s Perspective

Knight acknowledged the accusations against McMahon but maintained his positive view of the former WWE Chairman, stating, “I still love Vince, he’s still one of my favorite people but sometimes things happen and you don’t know it.

Treating People Based on Personal Experiences

Knight emphasized that he treats people based on how they treat him, saying, “I can only treat people the way they treat me. I can only, you know, let my emotions dictate the way that I’ve been exposed them and the way they’ve, you know, shown themselves to me.”

Comparing McMahon to Grizzly Smith

The former WWF European Champion drew parallels between McMahon and the late Grizzly Smith, who was accused of sexual abuse. Knight noted that Smith was a nice and kind person, despite the accusations against him.

Why It Matters

Mideon’s perspective on Vince McMahon sheds light on the complex nature of personal relationships within the wrestling industry. While the accusations against McMahon are serious, Knight’s experience with the former WWE CEO highlights the importance of treating people based on personal interactions and experiences.

What are your thoughts on Mideon’s comments about Vince McMahon? Leave a comment below and share your perspective on this topic.

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