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Gable Steveson’s Shocking Withdrawal from 2023 Senior World Championships: What’s Happening Behind the Scenes?

In a surprising twist in pro wrestling circuits, Gable Steveson, renowned amateur wrestler and gold medalist, has chosen not to contend in the forthcoming 2023 Senior World Championships. The details surfaced during a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, featuring venerable wrestling correspondent, Dave Meltzer.

A perplexing turn of events, as Meltzer himself stated, “This is a real peculiar one.” The heart of the matter is Steveson’s unexpected choice to retreat from the world stage, a decision that has left many dumbfounded. “It’s odd, indeed, because his journey towards the world championships included not one, but two victorious events. Yet he bows out of the ultimate showdown despite his remarkable trail of dominance,” Meltzer explained.

Steveson’s decision was even more perplexing considering WWE’s authorization of him competing. The organization previously gave him the green light to participate in the U.S. nationals this year, a competition through which Steveson breezed impressively.

“Then we witnessed the Final X. Facing off against Mason Parris for a shot, Steveson overpowered him in successive matches, continuing to dominate,” added Meltzer.

However, Meltzer also shared his uncertainties ahead. It’s not clear whether we’ll see Steveson back on the wrestling mat, nor is it known if WWE would sanction his future competition endeavors.

What makes this situation more intriguing is the fact that despite his glittering victories at the NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships and the Olympics, Steveson has never won a world championship in amateur wrestling.

As the story unfolds, wrestling fans around the world are left to ponder over the unexpected and abrupt detour in Steveson’s path to global domination. Only time will tell if this pause is a mere pit-stop or a definitive retirement.

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