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Javier Bernal Confirms Successful Surgery After Suffering Injury

The One Big Thing

Javier Bernal, known as Big Body Javi on television, recently revealed that he broke his foot in multiple places during a match on the June 7th episode of Level Up. After initial uncertainty about the need for surgery, Bernal has now confirmed that he underwent successful surgery to address the injury.

Key Details

  • Bernal broke his foot in multiple places during a match on the June 7th episode of Level Up.
  • Initially, he was told that surgery might not be necessary, but an MRI later indicated that surgery would be required.
  • Bernal was expected to be out of action for six weeks without surgery, but now faces a six-month recovery period.
  • He recently took to Twitter to announce that the surgery went well and he is currently traveling back from Alabama.

Why It Matters

Javier Bernal’s injury and subsequent surgery will keep him out of the ring for an extended period, which is a significant setback for the rising star. His absence will be felt by fans who have come to appreciate his performances on NXT television. The successful surgery is a positive step towards his eventual return, but the six-month recovery period means that viewers will have to wait patiently to see Big Body Javi back in action.

As Bernal stated during an emotional Twitch stream, “A lot of you guys know me as Big Body Javi on television but, this is all I ever wanted to do man… That’s tough man, that’s tough.”

The injury and surgery serve as a reminder of the physical toll that professional wrestlers endure in pursuit of their dreams and the entertainment of their fans.

What’s Next?

Javier Bernal will now focus on his recovery and rehabilitation, with the goal of returning to the ring stronger than ever. Fans can expect updates on his progress in the coming months, as he works towards making his comeback on NXT television.

How do you think Javier Bernal’s absence will impact the NXT roster, and what are your thoughts on his eventual return? Leave a comment below!

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