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Jey Uso’s Impact Beyond WWE: Rising Popularity, Rapper Sexyy Red Calls for an Invitation

In the world of professional wrestling, few superstars have the capability to influence trends both within and beyond the boundaries of the WWE Universe. Lately, it’s Jey Uso who has taken center stage, commanding attention even from the global music scene.

Uso’s highlight reel isn’t limited to the ring anymore. The post-Fastlane press conference saw him being embraced not just by the WWE Universe screaming “YEET”, but his ripple effect resonated across the more unconventional fans as well. It seems Uso’s distinctive wrestling flair has caught the eye and ear of renowned rapper, Sexyy Red.

Sexyy Red, known for her popular tracks like “Pound Town” and “SkeeYee,” and her provocative lyrics, has millions of music enthusiasts hooked on digital platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. Yet, the rapper, despite a racy reputation and a recent spike in her social media trend due to a controversial sex tape incident, seems to have her interest piqued by the pro-wrestling scene too.

Twitter has been buzzing with the crossover connection after user HaangEmHiigh shared an edit in October involving Uso playing to the crowd as Red’s hit track “SkeeYee” served as the soundtrack. The rapper’s response? A tweet saying, “I wanna see this happen Fr crying emojis WWE when yal gonna invite me?”

Jey Uso’s current burst of popularity is not an isolated incident. The WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champion — half of the dynamic duo — Uso’s merchandise just can’t seem to stay on the shelves. Could this rise in popularity and merchandise sales have a role to play in his current push in WWE’s wrestling circuits?

Though how the WWE world will answer Sexxy Red’s call for an invitation remains in question, one thing is for sure: Jey Uso’s influence is expanding. It’s not just Sexyy Red who seems to have become a fan, but countless others across different entertainment echelons. The uprising of Uso is a testament to the WWE’s influence on popular culture.

Drop your thoughts on Jey Uso’s current WWE trajectory in the comments section. From his prolific popularity, to his sudden rise as a commercial powerhouse in the wrestling circuit. Let’s talk!

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