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Joe Coffey Slams Dave Meltzer’s Star Rating for NXT Battleground Match

The One Big Thing

Joe Coffey took to X (formerly Twitter) to criticize Dave Meltzer’s 3.25-star rating for his triple-threat match against Oba Femi and Wes Lee at WWE NXT Battleground 2024, stating that Meltzer “doesn’t have a f**kin clue about what goes in professional wrestling.”

Key Points

  • The NXT North American Championship match at NXT Battleground 2024 featured champion Oba Femi defending against Wes Lee and Joe Coffey.
  • The match showcased an exciting back-and-forth between the three talented stars, each bringing a unique style to the ring.
  • Coffey’s Gallus teammates repeatedly interfered in the match’s closing moments, only to be thwarted by Wes Lee’s dive outside the ring.
  • Oba Femi capitalized on the distraction, delivering a pop-up powerbomb to both competitors to secure the win and retain his championship.

Coffey’s Reaction

In response to Dave Meltzer’s 3.25-star rating, Joe Coffey stated:

“As cuz he doesn’t have a f**kin clue about what goes in professional wrestling. He’s never laced up a pair, do you know people’s opinion out of respect are the people when I go through the curtain and they tell me if its good or bad. That’s who I respect.”

Why It Matters

Joe Coffey’s reaction to Dave Meltzer’s star rating highlights the ongoing debate about the value and accuracy of Meltzer’s ratings within the professional wrestling community. While some view his ratings as an industry standard, others, like Coffey, believe that the opinions of fellow wrestlers and those directly involved in the matches hold more weight.

What’s Next for Joe Coffey?

Despite the interference of his Gallus teammates, Joe Coffey failed to capture the NXT North American Title from Oba Femi. It remains to be seen if Coffey will pursue another opportunity to challenge for the championship in the future.

What do you think about Joe Coffey’s criticism of Dave Meltzer’s star rating for his match at NXT Battleground? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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