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Joe Hendry Credits Former WWE Star for His ‘Mad Behavior’ Success

One big thing: TNA’s Joe Hendry acknowledges Matt Cardona’s influence on his viral success

Joe Hendry, TNA Wrestling star, has taken the wrestling world by storm with his innovative entrance videos and social media presence. His recent WWE debut on “WWE NXT” became the promotion’s most-liked video online since WrestleMania 40.

Why it matters

Hendry’s success demonstrates the power of creative content and social media engagement in modern professional wrestling, potentially influencing how wrestlers build their personal brands.

Key points

• Hendry produces his own entrance themes and parody videos
• His WWE NXT debut video garnered massive online attention
• He credits Matt Cardona (formerly Zack Ryder in WWE) as his inspiration

What they’re saying

“Matt is the original. Matt is someone I look up to in a lot of ways and so he definitely laid out the blueprint for a lot of this mad behavior that I’m doing,” Hendry said on “Busted Open” radio show.

By the numbers

• Hendry has been creating his own entrance themes and videos for nearly 10 years
• His WWE NXT debut video became the most-liked video for the promotion since WrestleMania 40

The big picture

Hendry’s approach to content creation and timing mirrors the strategy that helped propel Matt Cardona to fame during his WWE tenure as Zack Ryder with his “Z! True Long Island Story” web series.

What’s next

Hendry continues to focus on creating innovative content and timing its release for maximum impact, particularly on platforms like TikTok where his videos have gone viral.

What do you think about Joe Hendry’s approach to building his wrestling persona through social media and creative content? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on this strategy in modern professional wrestling.

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