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John Cena’s $70,000 Bar Tab: The Story Behind an Iconic WWE Match

One big thing: John Cena’s $70,000 bar tab before a legendary match

John Cena reportedly spent $70,000 on a nine-day bar tab before delivering a 56-minute classic against Shawn Michaels on WWE Raw in 2007.

The details:

• The match took place on April 23, 2007, in the United Kingdom
• It occurred just weeks after WrestleMania 23, where Cena had defeated Michaels
• Former WWE personality Jonathan Coachman revealed this story on The Angle podcast
• Ric Flair allegedly encouraged Cena to embrace the “world champion lifestyle” during the overseas tour

By the numbers:

• 9 days of drinking
• $70,000 spent on alcohol (£35,000 at the time)
• 56-minute match duration
• Cena was earning $50,000 to $100,000 per night for main events

What they’re saying:

Coachman on Cena’s dedication: “Out of respect for the effort of what he was doing, I stood at the gorilla position for him to walk back down. He walked towards me, you could smell the alcohol coming out his pores, but he gave sixty minutes absolute banger.”

Why it matters:

This story highlights John Cena’s exceptional work ethic and commitment to his craft. Despite the heavy drinking and substantial bar tab, Cena delivered a critically acclaimed performance, showcasing his ability to perform at the highest level under challenging circumstances.

The big picture:

• The match is considered one of Cena’s best, receiving praise from fans and wrestlers alike
• It demonstrates the grueling nature of WWE’s overseas tours and the expectations placed on top stars
• The incident provides insight into the backstage culture and camaraderie among wrestlers during this era

As John Cena’s in-ring career winds down, stories like these add to his legacy as one of WWE’s most dedicated and professional performers.

What do you think about John Cena’s ability to deliver such a high-quality match after a week of heavy drinking? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on this legendary performance and what it says about Cena’s work ethic.

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