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John Cena’s Jorts Era Coming to an End: The Story Behind His Iconic Ring Attire

One big thing: John Cena reveals the practical reasons behind his signature jorts

WWE superstar John Cena has announced his retirement from in-ring competition and his iconic jorts (jean shorts) in 2025.

• Cena explained his choice of ring attire to the Wall Street Journal, citing durability and functionality.
• He emphasized the importance of finding gear that fits well and doesn’t pose risks to himself or others in the ring.

Why it matters

Cena’s jorts have become synonymous with his character and wrestling persona. Their retirement marks the end of an era in WWE and professional wrestling.

The details

• Cena told the Wall Street Journal: “Denim is really durable—it doesn’t rip a lot as long as you can find a good fit.”
• He prioritizes family-friendly attire, stating, “I don’t need any families attending a WWE event looking at my ugly bit.”
• Cena avoids belt buckles due to potential injuries, opting for a drawstring belt instead.

What’s next

• Cena announced his retirement tour for 2025 at WWE Money in the Bank.
• He plans to remain part of the “extended WWE family” but will appear in suits rather than jorts for future appearances.

The big picture

Cena’s retirement and the end of his jorts era signify a significant shift in WWE’s landscape. His iconic look has been a staple of WWE programming for nearly two decades.

What are your thoughts on John Cena retiring his jorts along with his in-ring career? Leave a comment below and share your favorite Cena memory!

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