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Kayla Braxton Reveals Struggles and Triumphs in WWE Career Roles

3 Key Points:

  • Kayla Braxton shared insights about her challenging start as a WWE ring announcer on the “Insight” podcast.
  • Braxton praised current announcer Samantha Irvin for her exceptional work and discussed her own battle with stage fright.
  • Transitioning from ring announcing to hosting “The Bump,” Braxton found her comfort zone in WWE.

Behind the Scenes with Kayla Braxton

Delving into her early days with WWE, Kayla Braxton recounted her journey on Chris Van Vliet’s “Insight” podcast. Although she initially took the ring announcer role, it was not something she relished. “People tend to forget that I ring announced for my first several years. I hated it so much,” she admitted candidly.

Samantha Irvin’s Commanding Presence

Appreciative of the talent in WWE, Braxton highlighted fellow announcer Samantha Irvin’s skills. Braxton complimented ringing Irvin, stating, “[Samantha] is going to be historical for this company,” and acknowledged the lack of recognition for the critical and challenging role of ring announcers.

The Challenge of Live Performance

The central part of Braxton’s struggle centered around performing in front of live crowds. With honesty, she shared, “I have extreme stage fright in front of people. Like, that’s a fact.” Remembering the intricacies of the job, from wrestler weights to hometown introductions, Braxton emphasized the immense pressure on ring announcers.

Finding Her Place in WWE’s The Bump

Despite the on-stage fear, Braxton persevered, ultimately settling into a position more aligned with her journalistic passion. Her hosting duties on “The Bump,” a WWE YouTube series, offered her a path to rejuvenate her WWE career. Braxton reflected on how stepping into the hosting role boosted her morale and presence within the organization.

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