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Lex Luger Picks Sting for Potential WWE Hall of Fame Induction

3 Key Points

  • Lex Luger expresses his wish for Sting to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame.
  • Luger has yet to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame but remains a fan-favorite figure.
  • Luger’s presence at Sting’s final match highlights their enduring friendship and mutual respect.

Wrestling Legends and Hall of Fame Dreams

Lex Luger, a wrestler known for his remarkable physical condition and magnetic presence, has openly stated his desire for Sting, a longtime friend and fellow wrestling icon, to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame, should he ever receive the prestigious nomination. Despite an impressive career, Luger has not yet received this honor.

Friendship Beyond the Ring

At the AEW Revolution pay-per-view, where Sting had his final match, Luger was present, supporting his friend and enjoying the emotional moment. Their friendship, stretching decades, underscores their significant impact on professional wrestling.

A Potential Induction?

On the Busted Open Radio podcast, when asked about his potential induction, Luger didn’t hesitate to name Sting as his preferred inductor. This sentiment aligns with the views of prominent wrestling figures like Jim Ross, who believe Luger’s induction is overdue. Despite uncertainties surrounding his induction, Luger’s wish sheds light on his respect and admiration for Sting.

Will Luger Join the Hall of Fame?

Though Lex Luger’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame remains uncertain, the wrestling community continues to reflect on his significant contributions to the sport. His candid expression of preferring Sting as his inductor not only captures the strong bond between the two legends but also the respect Luger commands among peers and fans alike.

As the wrestling world waits to see if and when Lex Luger will be honored, discussions about his legacy and the symbolism of his potential induction—especially by Sting—enrich the narrative of professional wrestling’s history.

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