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Lexis King Releases Intellexuals NXT T-Shirt: Rising Star’s Merch Debut

3 Key Points

  • Lexis King launches his first NXT merchandise, signaling WWE’s confidence in his potential.
  • After a name change, the burgeoning NXT star’s followers are dubbed “Intellexuals”.
  • King’s progress in the NXT Men’s Breakout tournament showcases his growing prominence.

NXT’s Lexis King Unveils Inaugural Merchandise to Fanbase

Joining the NXT roster a few months ago, Lexis King has already begun to carve out his place within the WWE universe. Demonstrating his ascending popularity, WWE recently released King’s first official NXT merchandise, a sign of the company’s belief in his marketability and appeal.

‘Intellexuals’ Gather Around New Merch

Capitalizing on his persona’s royal flair, the t-shirt features theming apt for someone with regal ambitions like King. His loyal supporters, who proudly refer to themselves as the “Intellexuals,” now have a tangible way to showcase their allegiance. On social media, King expressed his enthusiasm with a rallying cry, encouraging fans to embrace the merchandise: “Intellexuals RISE UP! Ask and ye shall receive! Long Live Lexis King!!!”

Lexis King’s NXT Journey and Fan Reaction

King’s in-ring prowess was on full display during the NXT Men’s Breakout tournament, where he made a commendable run before being bested by Riley Osbourne in the semi-finals. Still, the setback has done little to dampen the enthusiasm surrounding King’s trajectory. With the example set by Tiffany Stratton’s rise in the past year, fans are speculating about King’s prospects for a standout 2024.

Readers, Lexis King’s inaugural NXT merchandise marks a significant milestone in his career. How do you feel about the emergence of his “Intellexuals” fanbase, and what are your predictions for this WWE hopeful’s future? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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