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Matt Riddle Explains Insights on Brock Lesnar’s Impact at Royal Rumble 2022

3 Key Points

  • Matt Riddle discusses the influence of Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble 2022.
  • Riddle addresses misconceptions about Lesnar’s creative control.
  • Contrasting reports shed light on the unpredictability of WWE outcomes.

Riddle Sheds Light on Royal Rumble 2022 Dynamics

Matt Riddle recently offered a deeper look into the backstage dynamics of WWE, particularly regarding the Royal Rumble 2022 event. In a candid conversation on the Kurt Angle Show, Riddle addressed the narrative that Brock Lesnar altered the course of the Royal Rumble match outcome, emphasizing the unpredictability within WWE.

Behind the Scenes: Wrestlers’ Influence on Match Results

Although Lesnar has no formal creative control, Riddle voiced that esteemed talent can exert considerable influence. “People can be very influential,” Riddle noted, acknowledging the ever-changing nature of WWE’s plans.

Riddle’s Perspective on Lesnar’s Role at Royal Rumble

In his discussion, Riddle cleared the air, saying, “I’m not gonna say I was guaranteed to win.” He highlighted the fluidity of WWE decision-making and shared an anecdote about his team-up with Randy Orton, illustrating shift cancellations and altered storylines.

Insider Reports on the Royal Rumble Outcome

Riddle’s story aligns with behind-the-scenes reports from various sources. While PWInsider had tipped Riddle as a favorite to win, indications from Fightful suggest that Lesnar was slated for victory well ahead of the event. The competing narratives underscore how plans can swiftly change within the WWE universe, often right up to showtime.

For readers seeking an in-depth analysis of these insider reports and their implications on WWE storytelling, the ongoing discussions can be found through credible wrestling news platforms.

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