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Mercedes Mone Opens Up About WWE Departure: The Greatest Decision I’ve Ever Made

One big thing: Mercedes Mone reflects on her WWE exit

Former WWE star Mercedes Mone, previously known as Sasha Banks, has opened up about her decision to leave WWE in 2022, calling it “the greatest decision I’ve ever made.”

The details:

• Mone and Naomi walked out of a “WWE Raw” taping in May 2022.
• Speaking on New York’s Hot 97, Mone revealed the reasons behind her departure.
• She cited feeling disrespected and the need to take control of her life as key factors.
• Mone emphasized the importance of listening to her “heart and soul” in making the decision.

Key quote:

“Something didn’t [feel] right that day. How we were talked to didn’t settle in my heart, and I just instantly knew if I wasn’t gonna take control of my life right here and now, then I was never going to be happy there,” Mone said.

By the numbers:

• Mone had been a professional wrestler for 14 years at the time of her departure.
• It’s been two years and almost two months since she left WWE.

Why it matters:

Mone’s departure from WWE was a significant moment in professional wrestling, highlighting issues of talent treatment and creative freedom in the industry. Her subsequent success in AEW and other ventures demonstrates the potential for wrestlers to thrive outside of WWE’s ecosystem.

The big picture:

• Mone has since joined AEW, becoming the TBS Champion.
• She claims to be the highest-paid woman in women’s wrestling history.
• Her move has inspired discussions about wrestler empowerment and career options beyond WWE.

What’s next:

While Mone previously teased a potential return to WWE, she has since expressed dedication to her current role in AEW. Her success outside of WWE could potentially influence other wrestlers considering similar career moves.

How do you think Mercedes Mone’s departure from WWE has impacted the wrestling industry as a whole? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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