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Mercedes Mone Prepares for Wrestling Return: Spotted with WWE Champion—

3 Key Points

  • Mercedes Mone, formerly Sasha Banks, trains with WWE Women’s Champion IYO Sky hinting at a comeback.
  • Since her departure from WWE and brief tenure in NJPW, speculation about Mone’s return to the ring intensifies.
  • A potential AEW contract looms, yet a WWE comeback cannot be ruled out following her recent training session.

Wrestling Comeback on the Horizon?

Mercedes Mone, a name that has consistently drawn attention within the wrestling industry, finds herself in the midst of speculation regarding her future. After stepping away from the spotlight due to an ankle injury, Mone shares glimpses into her recovery and preparation for a return, sparking excitement among fans.

Training with a Champion

In a surprising turn of events, Mercedes took to social media to showcase her training sessions with none other than the current WWE Women’s Champion, IYO Sky. This encounter, documented on Instagram through a series of engaging posts, shows the two squaring off at the Flatback Wrestling School, hinting at Mone’s readiness to get back into ring action.

A Trail of Achievements and Speculations

Mercedes Mone’s journey through the wrestling world has been marked by remarkable achievements and unexpected turns. Known widely by her ring name Sasha Banks during her WWE tenure, Mone left the company in 2022 only to re-emerge on the NJPW stage in early 2023. Yet, an unfortunate ankle injury in May sidelined her, leading to rampant speculation regarding her next move.

While many have eyed a possible deal with AEW, thanks to Tony Khan’s expressed interest, Mone’s recent training with a WWE star adds a layer of complexity to the narrative. This unexpected development stirs the pot concerning her potential career path, with fans eagerly discussing whether WWE or AEW will be Mone’s chosen battleground.

What’s Next for Mercedes Mone?

The pro wrestling community looks on with bated breath as Mercedes Mone edges closer to a full-scale comeback. Will she re-enter the WWE arena, or does AEW hold the future for this remarkable athlete? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: Mone’s return is highly anticipated. Share your thoughts on where you think Mercedes Mone’s next chapter will unfold.

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