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Mercedes Mone’s AEW Debut Celebrated by Nikki Bella: A Look into Their Wrestling Journey

3 Key Points

  • Nikki Bella calls Mercedes Mone “the GOAT of this era” following her AEW debut.
  • Mercedes Mone, previously known as Sasha Banks in WWE, responds with gratitude to Nikki Bella’s support.
  • Their past encounters in WWE and shared experiences outside the ring underscore a significant professional relationship.

A New Chapter for Mercedes Mone

The wrestling world witnessed a pivotal moment this past Wednesday on “AEW Dynamite: Big Business” with Mercedes Mone, famously recognized from her WWE days as Sasha Banks, stepping into the AEW ring for the first time. Nikki Bella, a celebrated wrestler and a previous co-star in WWE, couldn’t help but express her admiration. Highlighting Mone’s debut as a momentous event, Bella referred to her as “the GOAT of this era” and showed her support through a heartfelt social media post. This marks a significant milestone in Mone’s career, signifying her transition and ambition to make a revolutionary impact globally within the wrestling industry.

Shared Memories and Competitive Spirits

The first clash between Mone and Bella occurred at a non-televised WWE event at Madison Square Garden in July 2014, showcasing the early stages of what would become a respectful rivalry. Their paths continued to cross, including a noteworthy singles match on WWE Raw in August 2015, where Mone emerged victorious. These encounters, set against the backdrop of team feuds, highlighted their competitive spirits and respect for each other’s talents. Outside the ring, their camaraderie extended to public events, such as the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, and Mone’s participation in a show hosted by Bella, reaffirming their mutual admiration and friendship.

Mone’s Appreciative Response

Gratitude was shared in the wake of Bella’s support, with Mone responding to the affectionate post. “Love you Nikki. Thank you,” Mone expressed, acknowledging the encouragement from her former WWE colleague. This exchange not only highlights their supportive relationship but also marks a celebratory moment for Mone’s fans and followers within the wrestling community.

In conclusion, Mercedes Mone’s entry into AEW has been met with overwhelming support from fans and peers alike, signaling a new, exciting phase in her professional wrestling journey. Nikki Bella’s commendation serves as a testament to Mone’s impact and promise within the sport, further setting the stage for her global aspirations in revolutionizing the wrestling world.

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