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Mercedes Mone’s AEW Debut Rumors Surge Following Hints

3 Key Points

  • Mercedes Mone hints at a possible debut at AEW’s “Big Business” event.
  • The event is scheduled in Boston, at the TD Garden, generating high anticipation among fans.
  • Mone’s addition could significantly boost AEW’s women’s division.

Introduction to the Buzz Around Mercedes Mone

The professional wrestling world is abuzz with excitement, largely centered around Mercedes Mone’s speculated move to AEW. This buzz gained momentum after Mone dropped several hints about her next career move, especially pointing towards the upcoming “Big Business” event.

Mercedes Mone’s Hints and Speculations

Amidst wide-ranging speculation, Mone’s recent activities have been closely watched. Her travels to Japan and public comments have served as breadcrumbs leading to the speculation about her joining AEW. In a notable discussion on the Kick Rocks Wrestling Podcast, Mone made remarks that have been perceived as confirming her upcoming involvement in AEW’s roster, specifically at the “Big Business” event in Boston.

The Anticipation for “Big Business”

Set in the iconic TD Garden, AEW’s “Big Business” is poised as a landmark event with Mone’s debut being a central point of anticipation. How AEW plans to integrate Mone into their women’s division presents a point of intrigue for fans and industry analysts alike, offering the potential to elevate the division’s star power and competitive dynamics.


The wrestling community is on the edge of its seats, eagerly waiting to see if Mercedes Mone’s hints will culminate in her AEW debut next week. This movement has the potential to significantly alter the landscape of women’s professional wrestling, making it a pivotal moment for both Mone and AEW.

As developments unfold, the wrestling world watches closely, ready to welcome the next chapter in Mercedes Mone’s illustrious career. Are you looking forward to seeing how Mone will shake up the AEW women’s division? Join the conversation in the comments below!

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