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MJF Clashes with The Rock on Social Media Over a Painting

The One Big Thing

MJF, the former AEW World Champion, makes a bold return to social media by calling out WWE legend The Rock over a painting related to Cody Rhodes, reigniting a conversation that spans across wrestling promotions.

Key Moments

  • MJF breaks his social media silence since December, targeting The Rock in his first post.
  • The contention revolves around The Rock praising a painting depicting him assaulting Cody Rhodes, an artwork by MJF’s former fiancée.
  • Despite MJF’s confrontation, The Rock has yet to respond to the tweet.
  • MJF has not appeared at AEW events since losing the AEW World Championship but was reportedly seen in Boston discussing his future.

Why It Matters

The encounter between MJF and The Rock on social media epitomizes the intersection of personal histories and professional wrestling narratives, showcasing how wrestlers maintain their personas and rivalries beyond the ring, even across different wrestling promotions. This nuanced interaction underscores the evolving nature of wrestling storytelling, where social media becomes an arena for extending narratives and engaging fans.

Looking Forward

As fans eagerly await The Rock’s potential response and MJF’s wrestling future, this moment serves as a reminder of the dynamic and interconnected world of professional wrestling. With MJF’s contract situation still a topic of speculation, his next moves will be closely watched by fans and insiders alike.

What do you think this means for MJF’s future in AEW? Let us know in the comments below!

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