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Orange Cassidy Recounts Harrowing Confrontation with Jon Moxley at AEW Event

3 Key Points

  • Orange Cassidy’s intense encounter with Jon Moxley during AEW’s Stadium Stampede
  • The unexpected use of a fork by Moxley in the match
  • Cassidy’s permanent scar as a result of the altercation

Orange Cassidy’s Surprise Ordeal in the Ring

Pro wrestling’s charismatic enigma, Orange Cassidy, recently shared a rather stark moment from his career at AEW All In’s 2023 Stadium Stampede. Cassidy, aligned with Best Friends, Eddie Kingston, and Penta El Zero Miedo, faced off against a coalition of formidable opponents including The Blackpool Combat Club, Santana, and Ortiz. In a revealing conversation with interviewer Adrian Hernandez, Cassidy delved into a vivid exchange he had with Jon Moxley, a wrestler renowned for his visceral deathmatch style.

The Unanticipated Clash with Jon Moxley

The match escalated when Moxley, known for pushing the boundaries of in-ring combat since his WWE departure, targeted Cassidy with an unexpected implement—a fork. “It happened very fast,” Cassidy told Hernandez. Surrounded by the roar of over 75,000 fans, he was caught off guard by Moxley’s aggressive move. The physicality of the moment was such that it initially eluded Cassidy’s memory. “I just went down and then I don’t really remember anything after that because I kind of like … went to the other weird realm I go to when I get angry,” he explained.

The Permanent Mark of Battle

Despite the haze of the intense match, one outcome remains crystal clear to Cassidy—a lasting scar. The violent encounter, imprinted by Moxley’s fork, left a mark Cassidy acknowledges he will carry indefinitely. “I had a huge fork gash in my head that took at least — he scarred me forever and I’ll have it forever because of Jon Moxley and a fork,” Cassidy remarked, bearing the physical souvenir of a moment when pro wrestling’s theatricality meets real-world consequences.

In the world of professional wrestling, every match tells a story, and every scar is a testament to the sport’s authenticity. Cassidy’s altercation with Moxley serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictability and intensity that can unfold within the squared circle.

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