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Rey Mysterio vs. Dominik Mysterio: Father-Son Feud Heads to Mexico

One big thing: Rey and Dominik Mysterio set for two more singles matches in Mexico

The Mysterio family feud is going international. WWE has announced that Rey Mysterio will face his son Dominik in singles matches during the upcoming tour of Mexico.

• The matches are scheduled for July 13 in Mexico City and July 14 in Monterrey
• This follows their recent clash on Monday Night Raw, where Rey emerged victorious
• Liv Morgan’s botched interference played a role in Dominik’s defeat

Why it matters

The Rey vs. Dominik storyline has been one of WWE’s most compelling narratives, blending real-life family drama with in-ring action. Taking this feud to Mexico, where the Mysterio name carries significant weight, adds a new dimension to their ongoing conflict.


• Rey and Dominik’s relationship soured when Dominik turned on his father and joined The Judgment Day
• Their first-ever singles match took place at WrestleMania 39, with Rey winning
• Liv Morgan has been trying to win Dominik’s affections, adding a new wrinkle to the storyline

What’s next

With two more matches scheduled, fans can expect the intensity of this feud to escalate. The Mexican crowds are likely to be heavily invested in this family drama, potentially influencing the matches’ outcomes and future storyline developments.

As this father-son rivalry continues to unfold, we’re left wondering: Will these matches in Mexico lead to a resolution, or will they only deepen the divide between Rey and Dominik Mysterio? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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