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Rey Mysterio’s New Animated Series Launches on Cartoon Network

3 Key Points

  • Rey Mysterio’s much-awaited animated series premieres, enhancing his legacy beyond the ring.
  • The series, titled “Rey Mysterio vs. La Oscuridad,” brings action and comedy to Cartoon Network Latin America.
  • Fan reactions and future success of the series remain to be seen following its delayed release.


Rey Mysterio, a luminary in professional wrestling with over thirty years in the ring, expands his influence to the world of animation. His anticipated series, a blend of action and humor, finally makes its way to fans.

Series Details

Initially announced in late 2021, “Rey Mysterio vs. La Oscuridad” faced delays, missing its 2022 release window. The show, consisting of 10 episodes, was set to captivate audiences on Cartoon Network Latin America.

Official Release

After much anticipation, Cartoon Network Latin America’s official Instagram page joyfully announced the series’ release. Fans can now access “King Mysterio vs The Darkness” episodes, featuring new adventures and challenges for the iconic wrestler.

Mysterio’s Ongoing Legacy

Aside from his ventures into animation, Rey Mysterio continues to be an active competitor. He recently made a notable return on WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown, igniting a feud with Santos Escobar. The pivot to animation highlights Mysterio’s evolving career and his appeal beyond traditional wrestling platforms.


As “Rey Mysterio vs. La Oscuridad” rolls out to eager fans, its reception and impact on Mysterio’s legacy are eagerly anticipated. Will this animated series capture the hearts of wrestling fans and cartoon enthusiasts alike? Time will tell, but for now, the excitement is palpable among Mysterio’s loyal followers.

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