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Rhea Ripley Opens Up About Buddy Matthews’ View on Her On-Screen Relationship With Dominik Mysterio

**One Big Thing:**
Rhea Ripley, the WWE superstar, has shared her fiancé Buddy Matthews’ thoughts on her storylined romance with Dominik Mysterio. Despite the fictional affair, Matthews supports Ripley wholly.

**Key Takeaways:**
– Rhea Ripley and AEW star Buddy Matthews got engaged in 2022 and maintain a strong off-screen relationship amidst their respective wrestling careers.
– Matthews has a unique connection to the storyline, having been previously involved in a narrative with Dominik’s sister, Aalyah.
– Ripley and Matthews’ relationship exemplifies trust and support, especially given the challenges posed by Ripley’s on-screen romance with Mysterio.

**Why It Matters:**
The dynamics behind the scenes often intrigue fans just as much as the storylines in front of the camera. Ripley’s and Matthews’ situation sheds light on the personal challenges professional wrestlers face, balancing their real and on-screen relationships.

**In Their Words:**

Rhea Ripley, reflecting on the situation, admitted, “Not many people could handle being in a relationship through that.” She also shared how Matthews is “so chill with it,” highlighting the strength and understanding in their relationship.

When asked about her feelings toward similar scenarios, Ripley said, “Yeah, I get jealous, really bad. It’s true,” showcasing the complexity and emotional stakes involved.

The dynamics between Ripley and Matthews highlight how real-life relationships in the wrestling world navigate through the intricacies of on-screen storylines. Their mutual support underlines the significance of trust and understanding, setting an example for professional and personal life balance in the wrestling industry.

**What do you think about the way Rhea Ripley and Buddy Matthews handle their relationship amidst wrestling storylines? Share your thoughts in the comments below!**

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