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Rob Van Dam Impressed by New Record-Breaking Deadlift Feat

3 Key Points

  • Pro wrestling icon Rob Van Dam acknowledges new split-leg deadlift record by fitness influencer Jujimmufu.
  • Jujimmufu surpasses RVD’s previous 166-pound record with a 180-pound lift, earning RVD’s respect.
  • Potential for RVD’s appearance at WrestleMania 40 remains a topic of anticipation among fans.

A New Champion in Strength

Rob Van Dam (RVD), a superstar widely celebrated for his athleticism and show-stopping maneuvers in the ring, recently took to social media to recognize an impressive athletic achievement outside the squared circle. The legend of the ring is known not just for his in-ring skills but also for his unique strength training methods, including the split-leg deadlift.

RVD Responds to Record-Breaking Achievement

The performer, who set the standard for the aforementioned lift, responded with admiration as he watched the new split-leg deadlift benchmark being set by Jujimmufu. Besting RVD’s previous mark, Jujimmufu raised the bar with a 180-pound rendition of the Van Dam lift. RVD shared his commendation on Twitter with his characteristic enthusiasm, tweeting, “What a VANTASTIC job‼️🤘👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👊.”

Speculation Around RVD’s Future

In addition to his fitness regimen, RVD has teased the wrestling community with hints of possibly showing up at WWE’s flagship event, WrestleMania 40, leaving fans eagerly discussing his potential return to the limelight. While the initial claims suggested a cancellation, the anticipation hangs in the air among his admirers and followers of pro wrestling.

In the world of professional wrestling and beyond, competition and record-setting are sources of inspiration, pushing athletes to new heights. As the world takes notice of this new feat, questions about the next contender to push the limit arise. Who will be the next to challenge the boundaries of strength and technique? Only time will tell. Share your thoughts on this remarkable achievement in our comments section.

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