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Roman Reigns’ Lasting Influence Felt at WWE Backlash Kick-Off

One Big Thing

Even in his absence, Roman Reigns’ impact on WWE fans remains undiminished, as demonstrated during the WWE Backlash Kick-Off show when the mention of his name by Cody Rhodes ignited chants from the French audience.

Key Highlights

  • Roman Reigns, known as The Tribal Chief, has left an indelible mark on professional wrestling with a career filled with significant achievements, including holding the Undisputed Universal WWE title for 1,316 days.
  • At WrestleMania 40, Reigns’ historic title reign was ended by Cody Rhodes, setting the stage for new narratives in WWE.
  • During the WWE Backlash Kick-Off, a mention of Roman Reigns by Cody Rhodes sparked loud chants from the audience in France, showcasing Reigns’ widespread popularity and influence.
  • Roman Reigns opted out of the WWE Draft 2024 following hints of an extended absence from his adviser Paul Heyman, leaving fans eager for his return.

Why It Matters

Roman Reigns’ legacy within WWE is underscored not only by his remarkable achievements but also by the enduring connection he has with fans globally. His influence, strong enough to command attention even in his physical absence, speaks volumes about his stature in the world of professional wrestling. As WWE continues to evolve, the specter of Reigns’ return and the potential for future storylines remain a point of high anticipation and speculation among fans and industry observers alike.

What are your thoughts on the audience in France erupting in loud chants for Roman Reigns at the WWE Backlash Kick-Off event? Sound off in the comments!

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