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Santos Escobar’s Faction Growth: Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo Rumored To Join WWE SmackDown

Recent reports have indicated that the WWE Universe might be on the brink of witnessing an exciting evolution in the SmackDown roster. Following a dramatic betrayal last month, Santos Escobar turned on Rey Mysterio, shattering the unity within the Latin World Order (LWO) after Escobar’s defeat and Mysterio’s United States Championship loss to Logan Paul at WWE Crown Jewel.

In a shocking twist, Escobar issued a bold ultimatum to his former allies, Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde, who chose to stand with Mysterio and the LWO, only to be attacked by their former leader. This betrayal set the stage for a potential recruitment drive by Escobar, as rumors began to swirl about his plans to bolster his ranks.

Insight sourced from PWInsider suggests that two prominent stars, Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo—cousins known for their impressive in-ring chemistry and recent stints in the NXT brand—are slated to be present at tonight’s SmackDown taping in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The whispers from behind the scenes hint at the possibility of Garza and Carrillo aligning with Escobar to strengthen the faction dynamics in the ongoing storyline involving the LWO.

Further cementing his determination to rise to the top, Escobar secured a win over Dragon Lee on last week’s SmackDown broadcast, progressing in the coveted United States Championship tournament. Adding to tonight’s anticipation, the former NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes is earmarked to compete against Grayson Waller as part of the same championship pursuit.

Tonight promises to deliver a packed show to the WWE fans, especially as the roster prepares for a double taping of SmackDown. This special scheduling is in place to grant the WWE stars a well-deserved break for the holiday season, ensuring continuous entertainment for the audience during their absence.

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Keep an eye on SmackDown tonight, as the landscape could shift dramatically with the potential allegiance between Escobar, Garza, and Carrillo. This burgeoning alliance could very well reshape the power dynamics of WWE’s captivating universe.

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