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Shayna Baszler’s Surprising Request for Rhea Ripley at WWE Live Event


  • Shayna Baszler startled fans by asking Rhea Ripley for a stinkface at a WWE live event.
  • Rhea Ripley continues her rise, honoring wrestling legends with her in-ring moves.
  • Ripley remains focused on WrestleMania 40, amid playful in-ring moments with fellow superstars.

WWE’s live events are known for their surprise elements and memorable moments, but what unfolded during a recent show in Illinois was beyond anyone’s expectations.

Ripley’s Tribute Goes Playful

Rhea Ripley, celebrated for her intense in-ring style and dedication to her craft, paid homage to Rikishi, a beloved figure in the WWE universe, by performing his iconic stinkface move. This incident, occurring during a match against Nia Jax in Springfield, Illinois, was met with an uproar of cheers from the audience, thrilled to see Ripley embracing the lighter side of the sport.

Baszler’s Unexpected Request

The following night, as Ripley faced off against Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, an unexpected twist took the crowd by surprise. Baszler, a competitor known for her no-nonsense demeanor inside the ring, decidedly asked Ripley to perform the stinkface on her, stepping into the corner in anticipation. However, before Ripley could carry out the move, Nia Jax intervened, leaving fans to wonder what could have been.

Even Buddy Matthews, a fellow wrestler, couldn’t help but react to the playful exchange, expressing his amusement with a NSFW reply, highlighting how the incident had captured the locker room’s attention.

Ripley Eyes WrestleMania Glory

Despite the playful antics, Rhea Ripley’s eyes remain firmly set on WrestleMania 40, where she’s slated to defend her Women’s World title against Becky Lynch. With the wrestling world buzzing over her recent exploits, Ripley’s determination to shine at WrestleMania underscores her professional focus amidst the in-ring fun.

As Ripley prepares for one of the biggest matches of her career, the WWE universe is left both entertained and impressed by her ability to balance the demands of her sport with moments of lighthearted camaraderie.

Were you surprised by Shayna Baszler’s light-hearted request at the live event? How do you think this dynamic will affect their future encounters? Let us know in the comments section below!

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