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Sonya Deville’s Heartwarming Reunion: Catching Up With Liv Morgan and Norman Smiley

– **Recovery and Reunion:** Sonya Deville, still healing from a torn ACL, shares a precious moment with Liv Morgan and Norman Smiley.
– **A Glimpse Into the Past:** The photograph hints at the intertwined histories and achievements of the WWE stars and their NXT coach.
– **Speculation and Anticipation:** Fans are buzzing about Deville’s potential WWE comeback and in-ring future.

In a touching display of camaraderie and longevity within the wrestling world, **Sonya Deville** recently took to social media to share a delightful reunion with two other influential figures in WWE: **Liv Morgan** and **Norman Smiley**. The encounter offers a glimpse of the personal connections that endure beyond the ring, especially for Deville, who has been sidelined in recent months due to a significant injury.

**A Trio of Friends**

Sonya Deville, whose journey through recovery from a **torn ACL** has kept her away from WWE TV, used the platform X to post a photo with Liv Morgan and NXT coach Norman Smiley, labeling them as “[Two of my favs 🖤🖤🖤](” The picture, emanating joy and mutual respect, comes at a poignant time as fans eagerly await news of Deville’s return to action.

**Reflecting on Shared Histories**

The bond shared by the trio isn’t just built on current friendships; it’s rooted deep in their careers. Morgan, a pivotal figure during one of Deville’s career highlights—the winning of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles—shares not just achievements with Sonya but also the experience of training under the guidance of Smiley at the WWE Performance Center. Norman Smiley, a respected figure in coaching, has played a significant role in shaping the skills of countless wrestlers since the Performance Center’s inception in 2013.

**Towards the Ring Once More**

The sharing of this photo does more than reminisce; it sparks discussions on Deville’s professional path ahead. Despite the lack of clear updates on her return to WWE TV or her medical clearance status, the wrestling community is abuzz with anticipation. Could this reunion signal a nearing in-ring comeback for Deville, or is it simply a heartwarming pause in her journey back?

As the wrestling world watches closely, the anticipation for official news on Sonya Deville’s role in WWE continues to grow, reinforcing the strength of relationships formed within the squared circle.

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