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‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Names His Least Favorite Career Storyline

**One Big Thing:** WWE Hall of Famer ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin has disclosed that the storyline where he was run over by a car in 1999 is his least favorite angle of his wrestling career.

– During the peak of the Attitude Era, Steve Austin was a defining figure in professional wrestling, capturing the WWF Championship multiple times.
– The notorious 1999 storyline aimed to write Austin off television to allow him time to heal from injuries, culminating in a mystery assailant running him over at Survivor Series.
– On his podcast, Austin expressed his distaste for the storyline, labelling it the worst he was ever involved in.
– The storyline eventually revealed Rikishi as the assailant, supposedly acting to benefit The Rock, leading to a brief and one-sided rivalry between Austin and Rikishi.

**Why It Matters:** Austin’s critique of this storyline highlights the sometimes challenging balance wrestling promotions must strike between creating engaging narratives and maintaining plausibility. His candid reflection offers insight into the creative process of professional wrestling and underscores the importance of storyline quality in sustaining fan engagement and loyalty.

– Steve Austin’s legendary status in WWE makes his views particularly impactful on discussions about wrestling storytelling.
– The revelation and subsequent feud with Rikishi is remembered as a significant, albeit controversial, moment in WWE history, illustrating how storylines can resonate differently with performers and fans alike.

Did you also feel that the car storyline involving Steve Austin and Rikishi was a low point in the Attitude Era? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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