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The Surprising Reason Behind Patrick Mahomes’ Heel Turn on WWE Raw

One Big Thing

Patrick Mahomes, famed Kansas City Chiefs QB, took a surprising heel turn on WWE Raw, causing a stir among fans. The twist? It wasn’t WWE’s creative decision but a move orchestrated by sponsors.

Key Moments

  • Mahomes appeared on WWE Raw not as the beloved local hero but aligned with heels like Logan Paul and Judgment Day.
  • In a shocking scene, Paul tried to use Mahomes’ Superbowl rings to attack Jey Uso, though the plan backfired.
  • Dave Meltzer revealed that the segment was sponsored by Prime energy drink, linking Mahomes and Paul through their endorsement deals, not WWE’s storyline decision.
  • The moment led to widespread confusion and debate about Mahomes’ unexpected role as a heel.

Why It Matters

This incident shines a light on the complex interplay between sponsorship and storyline in professional wrestling. Fans often view WWE’s narrative choices as purely creative decisions, but sponsorship deals can also dictate the direction of storylines. It underscores the delicate balance WWE must maintain between storytelling integrity and financial partnerships.


“Everyone’s going, ‘Why would Patrick Mahomes be booked as a heel in Kansas City? WWE is so incredibly stupid.’ But in fact, it was not WWE that was stupid. It was something that the sponsors basically put together.” – Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Radio


This surprising twist not only left fans bewildered but also highlighted the influence sponsors can wield over WWE storylines. As wrestling continues to evolve, the relationship between business interests and creative storytelling becomes ever more intricate.

What do you think about sponsors having this level of influence on wrestling storylines? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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