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Tiffany Stratton Talks About Why Her Daddy’s Little Rich Girl Character Was Dropped

Tiffany Stratton has risen up the ranks in the WWE. The former NXT Women’s Champion has been in the news after her exclusive interview with’s Steve Fall.

The interview focused on her career, her character and why some aspects from her character were dropped by the WWE NXT Creative Team.

WWE is known to curb ideas at any moment, and Tiffany learnt it first hand, when her Daady’s Little Rich Girl character was dropped midway as WWE didn’t have anyone who could play the Daddy character.

In the beginning, I was kind of like Daddy’s little rich girl. I kind of just was like, I want to get on TV. And, you know, this was kind of like, new and different, I guess. So I pitched it. It stuck. And it works for a little bit until they’re like, we don’t have a daddy for you. So you’re not daddy’s little rich girl.

We never got that far. We never really [thought] it out. So that’s why I think it got scraped. But eventually, the character my big inspo was Sharpay Evans from High School Musical. I think she’s an icon.

She spoke about how working with Becky Lynch has been a booster for her. Notably, Tiffany Stratton would get her rematch against Becky Lynch at No Mercy on September 30.

Well, for Becky and I’s match, it will be an Extreme Rules match. So anything can happen. Anything can be used. So we might throw a ladder in there, we might throw a chair in there. So if you want to see Ladders and Chairs, then I would tune in for that for sure.

The former NXT Women’s Champion talked about how she was hired by the WWE. She specifically talked about working with WWE’s Mr. Kennedy in his wrestling school. The ‘Blockbuster Blonde’ talked about who she would want in her team if she appears at Survivor Series.

So my, you know, my journey to WWE had started at a little wrestling school in Minnesota. It’s run by Ken Anderson, Mr. Kennedy. But I actually had submitted my application on WWE’s website multiple times, and I heard nothing back. So my mom actually knew Greg Gagne and reached out to him and she asked him if he could train me. And he did and he had a little connection down at WWE and he said that if I could show him that I can keep up with him and do what he tells me to do then he would send my stuff down and have them take a look at me. And he did that for me. And then the tryout came in March of 2000, or actually 2019. And it was right when COVID began. So the whole tryout got canceled, unfortunately. Two years later, I’m emailing them back and forth for like, a solid six months or so. They finally emailed me back, and I had my tryout in May of 2022. And then they signed me a couple of weeks later.

Well, I have to go with Kiana James because she was my tag partner [Tuesday] night…I think Lash Legend is a freak athlete. I think she brings a lot to the table. Maybe her tag partner Jakara Jackson, and I think this girl is kind of just starting out but she is definitely not somebody that nobody knows but her name is Lola Vice, I think with the striking and the submissions that she knows a lot about. I think she could help a lot with the WarGames team.

It was her work that did well for Stratton, and she went on to face the Greatest of all time, Becky Lynch. Tiffany considers her one of the Greatest of all time, and loved working with her. She even talked about the outcome of her match at No Mercy.

I think Becky Lynch is definitely one of the greatest of all time. Not the greatest of all time but one of the greatest of all time.

Do you have anything to say on Tiffany Stratton’s thoughts? Sound off in the comments.

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