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Tommy Dreamer Critiques WWE Raw’s Approach Post-Draft: Seeking More Impact and Excitement

One Big Thing

Tommy Dreamer, a seasoned pro wrestling veteran, shared his thoughts on a recent episode of WWE Raw, particularly critiquing its execution following the WWE Draft and in the lead-up to the Backlash pay-per-view (PLE).

Key Points

  • Dreamer compared the energy and execution of the WWE Draft on “SmackDown” to that on “Raw,” finding the latter lacking.
  • He noted that while “Raw” did nothing wrong in terms of wrestling quality, it missed the mark on making the draft feel significant and exciting.
  • The episode was criticized for being too “safe” and for not building sufficient hype for the upcoming Backlash PLE.
  • Dreamer feels WWE has been less conservative in recent months, making the “safe” approach on “Raw” stand out.

Why It Matters

Tommy Dreamer’s perspective offers insight into how WWE’s creative decisions impact fan anticipation and excitement. His critique highlights the challenges of balancing long-term storytelling with immediate pay-offs, such as building excitement for upcoming PLEs.

Dreamer’s Direct Quotes

  • “I think it was moreso ‘We’re setting stuff up for the future.'”
  • “There’s placeholder shows and there’s safe shows…which they haven’t done in a long time.”

Final Thoughts

Dreamer’s feedback reflects a broader concern within the wrestling community about the need for more impactful and compelling storytelling, especially in the aftermath of major events like the WWE Draft. As WWE continues to evolve under its new creative regime, finding the right balance between “safe” programming and exciting, unpredictable content remains a key challenge.

What are your thoughts on WWE Raw’s approach post-draft? Do you agree with Tommy Dreamer’s critique? Leave a comment below.

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