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Triple H Touts Survivor Series Success & CM Punk’s WWE Return – Highlights from Media Scrum

The wrestling world is still abuzz following the monumental Survivor Series WarGames 2023 event, which took place at the AllState Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. Basking in the afterglow of the spectacle, WWE’s Chief Content Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque hosted a media scrum to share some of the significant updates and reactions from the event.

To kick off, Triple H revealed that this Survivor Series was the highest grossing in the event’s storied history, with sponsorship revenues experiencing a remarkable 25% spike compared to last year. Amid the financial triumphs, Triple H also injected a touch of humor addressing R-Truth’s unforeseen comeback—which he quipped as the night’s supreme surprise.

On the flip side of humor was admiration, as Triple H conveyed a deep sense of pride regarding Randy Orton’s return from his back injury. The veteran’s comeback received considerable attention, outlining WWE’s supportive environment for its performers.

In an affectionate nod to the Women’s WarGames match, Triple H declared it a grand slam that is “still sailing out of the park”, signaling the event’s smashing success. He extended specific approbation toward Shotzi, heralding her performance as one that vaults her to the upper echelon of WWE’s Women’s division.

The media scrum couldn’t proceed without touching on the sensational and unexpected return of CM Punk to WWE. Triple H described Punk’s comeback as a “lightning-in-a-bottle moment” that transpired rather swiftly and noted Punk’s ability to consistently be a hot topic of conversation within the wrestling community. “This is a different company. We’re all on the same even starting ground,” said Levesque, emphasizing the company’s evolution and the fresh start that awaits Punk in his WWE chapter.

Responding to speculations about external influences on Punk’s return, specifically from TKO Group officials, Triple H was clear to dismiss such assertions. The WWE narrative, as he put it, is controlled internally, and decisions like Punk’s return are made with full trust in the company’s leadership to steer the business in the right direction.

Shifting to talent acquisition, when questioned about WWE’s interest in Stardom’s Giulia and the term “Joshi” for Japanese women’s wrestlers, Triple H paid homage to global talent, underscoring WWE’s dedication to recruiting athletes worldwide and allowing them to showcase their abilities on the premier wrestling stage.

Another hot topic was the status of Jade Cargill within WWE and her reduced screen time recently. Levesque remained unswerving in his belief in Cargill’s star power, expressing a desire to prepare her comprehensively for any challenges, to ensure an unbridled impact upon her WWE resurgence.

The subject of injury protocols came up, particularly in the wake of Jon Moxley’s remarks on the need for improvements regarding concussion management. Without specifically addressing Moxley’s situation, Triple H stood by WWE’s medical team and protocols, claiming them to be unparalleled globally and mentioning Rey Mysterio’s recent concussion as an example of the company’s stringent safety measures.

Cody Rhodes, another influential voice in WWE, shared his thoughts on CM Punk’s return, highlighting a ubiquitous focus on the company’s direction. Rhodes advocated for inclusivity in the WWE family, provided it aligns with the company’s goals. Praising Triple H and Nick Khan for their roles in facilitating Punk’s return, Rhodes iterated a core WWE principle: “The more the merrier. If you can help, absolutely come on board.”

The post-show scrum, hosted by Triple H, was a true reflection of the electrifying and dynamic nature of the wrestling universe. For full video coverage of the WWE Survivor Series WarGames 2023 media scrum, fans can turn to industry sources such as,,, and

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