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Tyler Breeze Embraces Fatherhood: WWE Star’s Life Beyond the Ring

Former WWE star Tyler Breeze, known to fans as Prince Pretty, has stepped into a new kind of spotlight, embracing the role of fatherhood with his characteristic flair. The NXT Tag Team Champion turned new dad divulged the delightful news of his son’s birth during an enthralling episode of UpUpDownDown, alongside fellow wrestler and gaming enthusiast, Xavier Woods.

Breeze’s reveal was as stylish as his wrestling persona. While engaged in intense battles on the show’s MyGM mode, the wrestling star casually took sips from a mug enigmatically stating “New Daddy,” signaling his entrance into the parenting world. In between strategizing his virtual wrestling empire, Breeze candidly shared snippets from his recent adventure into parenthood, offering a glimpse into a night filled with the trials and tribulations of a newborn.

“My wife had an easy time with him, a total sweetheart. But lo and behold, my turn comes, and at 4:15 a.m., our little prince decided he was ready to feast,” Breeze detailed while recalling the series of wakeful hours that followed. Despite the peaceful moments when his son seemed to settle, sleep evaded the newborn, and in turn, Breeze found himself captivated by the baby monitor’s screen.

Every hour presented a new challenge, as Breeze humorously lamented, “Come on, man, just go to sleep already.” But parenting is no predictable storyline, and his pleasant prince seemingly transformed into a nocturnal nemesis determined to defy the sands of slumber.

In the wrestling ring, Breeze faced a cacophony of chants and cheers, but this new symphony of cries and coos was a stark contrast to his tightly choreographed battles. Known for his elegance and poise in the squared circle, Breeze now navigates the unpredictable turns of fatherhood, where every minute could bring a new demand for attention or sustenance.

Despite his baby’s unexpected night of rebellion, Breeze reflected on the experience with a chuckle, noting, “Usually, he’s been a breeze—you feed him, and he’s out like a light.” But as every parent knows, infants have the whimsical power to flip the script on any given night.

Breeze, whose WWE tenure spanned over a decade before his release in 2021, has portrayed resilience and adaptability both in and out of the ring. Prior to his departure, he had been strategically preparing for life beyond WWE, a revelation that mirrors the readiness required of new parents to deal with the ever-changing nature of raising a child.

Tyler Breeze’s latest role might lack the grand entrances and the roar of the crowd, but it’s filled with pure, unedited realness—midnight feedings, sleepless nights, and all the joys and jitters of fatherhood. It’s outside the squared circle where Prince Pretty now finds his most rewarding and challenging performance yet.

Wrestling fans and parents alike can relate to the relentless dedication it takes to be at the top of one’s game—whether that’s in the arena or in comforting a restless child. What are your thoughts on Tyler Breeze’s smooth transition from wrestling fame to dad life? Could there be parallels drawn between the demands of the wrestling world and the all-hours job of a new parent? Share your perspective and send Breeze a round of applause for his newest, and undoubtedly most endearing, championship role.

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