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Unleashing the Beast: Shayna Baszler’s Triumphal Turnaround in WWE

In a stunning display of power and determination, Shayna Baszler secured an intense triumph over Zoey Stark during this week’s WWE Raw. Given her compelling performance, as well as her inspiring promo, wrestling veteran Bully Ray reckons that WWE has now successfully repositioned the erstwhile WWE NXT Women’s Champion on the path to glory once again.

“What befell Baszler in the past was nothing short of a travesty,” Bully voiced his concerns on Busted Open Radio. “She was unfairly branded as a less-than-ideal version of Ronda Rousey. However, she possesses her own brand of credibility that is slightly distinct from Rousey’s—and it was high time the WWE recognized that.

Ever since parting ways with her former ally, which showcased her victorious streak over Rousey at SummerSlam—eventually driving her out of the company—Baszler has steadily picked up momentum. Bully underscored the importance of capitalizing on this turnaround and utilizing Baszler’s MMA background that allows her to push fellow wrestlers into disadvantaged positions.

“The time is ripe to leverage Baszler as the one person who finally displaced Ronda Rousey from the WWE, turning her challenge into an undeniable triumphant comeback right from when she first set foot here,” Bully suggested.

In her tenure with NXT, Baszler reigned supreme as a formidable heel, asserting dominance over the women’s division with her hard-hitting and relentless athletic style. While her stint in the main roster showed only sporadic flashes of this brilliance, her recent showdown with Rousey marked a powerful return to form.

During this week’s poignant showdown with Stark, Baszler made it a point to respect her opponent after the match. This sparked speculations regarding a prospective tag team alliance, yet future developments on this front remain unclear.

Any quotes deployed in this write-up owe credit to Busted Open Radio, with a nod to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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